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extremist ties. nbc news' lieu russest -- lou russert is live with get good morning. >> reporter: thai, good morning, yes, senator dianne feinstein fired off a strongly worded note saying she is interested into why this individual, the 26-year-old older brother was permitted to take that trip to russia, come back into the country and not have further scrutiny. there is obviously a red flag that went up. some officials in this community in russia said that could specifically be a threat for radicalization and islam. so senator dianne feinstein wants to figure out why exactly this person was able to slip through the cracks, so to speak. talking to the intelligence committee, they are saying from chairman mike rogers' expectative, let's not get our pitchforks up against the fbi. the fbi did not have all the facts from the russian government, is let's not be quick to judge. none the loss, it will be an interesting development to see how it will transcribe on capitol hill between both sides of congress and the question will be posed to our policy makers. now in terms of how this is played out on
ago. joining frus boston, nbc news capitol hill correspondent luke russert. lou, where do we stand on this investigation this morning? >> reporter: good morning, bill. some fascinating developments over the last days of this suspect. you just mentioned right there he has become cooperative with investigators. he is still injured in the throat and tongue area. so he has not been able to speak. so he has been writing down his answers, essentially saying he and his brother acted alone. they were motivated by reledge just fervor. they have not had any contact outside the united states. they weren't operating from some terrorist cell abroad, essentially, penning it down to them being two lone wolves. some other interesting developments in that idea, how exactly were they able to figure out how to construct a bomb? well, they found that information out from the internet, saying they were able to read things on certain websites that enabled them to put those those bombs that ended up injuring three people and injuring dozens upon others. investigators and officials close to them tell nbc
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2